Win a Day of Wellness for Mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re launching a contest today on our Touch of Wellness blog! There is no better gift to give mom than the gift of wellness. Enter our contest below for a chance to win a Massage Envy gift card for a free introductory massage.

To enter, use the widget below to explain why you love your mom in just three adjectives (Example: Loving, Caring, Giving). To gain additional entries and increase your chances of winning, be sure to “like” Massage Envy on Facebook, follow @MassageEnvy on Twitter and tweet about the contest.

In total, five lucky winners will be chosen and announced on our blog on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to enter. If you have any questions regarding the contest, just e-mail us at

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day from the Massage Envy family!

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103 Responses to Win a Day of Wellness for Mom

  1. Teresa Richardson says:

    My mom works so hard daily to take care of our family and never takes time for herself…. She is so loving and concerned about everyone else that she needs to be pampered…

  2. Kevin Williams says:

    Self-Less – She is always giving to others,w ith regard to how if will affect her

    Caring – She has such a caring heart, whether you are sick, hungry, or just scared, she is always there with that Motherly Love.

    Available- Whatever you need, she is there willing to lend a hand…

  3. Meryl Ugalde says:

    My mother raised us (and continues to) with compassion. She moved from her country to the U.S to be with my father where she had to start all over again. She then worked her way up in a company for 8-10 years which ultimately led to a layoff. She is reaching 50 years old, and she’s back in school to be a nurse-so that she can have job security and take care of us still. She is putting me through college because they refuse to give us student loans-literally we’re barely making it. She deserves a break, something to get her feet off the floor. Thank you.

  4. Anna Vargas says:

    My mom has been raising children for over 40 years. First her children and now her grandchildren. She has stayed strong through all of life’s hardships including being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She’s a fighter with a lot of love!

  5. Deborah Battle says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a ‘mom’ who has been involved in my life, so I can’t really enter for her. But, I am a mom, and although I wouldn’t consider myself perfect, I am involved in my son’s life and will continue to be, no matter what. It’s tough being a mother, and for all of you that have a mom to be thankful for, PLEASE TELL HER SO!! There is nothing like showing your appreciation and love for her than telling her so!! :-)

  6. Katherine Toman says:

    Inspiring, invincible, and nurturing . My mother is the most incredible woman I have ever met and after the struggles she has had these past three years, I can’t imagine idolizing anyone else. She is truly selfless and amazing caring, even when she is struggling. I hope I can be even half of the woman she has become!

  7. Cassandra D says:

    My mom deserves the massage because no matter what she needs, she always puts her kids (and now grandkids) before her. this would be a great gift for HER.

  8. viridiana padilla says:

    This would be a perfect gift to win for her to be able to tell her how much I love and appreciate all that she has done for us my small family and I. I would also like to wish her a fast recovery from her December fall from a latter while trying to take our Christmas ornaments down it resulted in a broken leg and dislocated shoulder and i know a massage from the best would be great for her. Thanks Massage Envy for all you do for your fans.

  9. Miranda C. says:

    My mom deserves a massage because she works really hard and never has time for herself to do anything, she’s either busy baby sitting my niece during the week or working at her job on the weekends , so I really think she deserve a nice relaxing spa day

  10. Leticia Jimenez says:

    My mom deserves a message, shes a good women that has a good heart, she took care of 4 children and never gave up

  11. JamieLyn Rossbach says:

    My mother deserves a massage because she is always working so hard with such long hours she barely has time for herself. She is always trying to keep everything together for everyone she needs a day of relaxation.

  12. Jenn M says:

    My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer last month and underwent a complete hysterectomy. She had to wait 3 LONG weeks after hearing the word CANCER to have her procedure. After spending 5 days in the hospital and waiting 6 to hear back from pathology, we found out that she is cancer free! No other treatments are necessary. She deserves a little pampering after the stress, pain, and recovery she has been through. Love you Mama…Goose.

  13. Katie says:

    My mom deserves a massage because she is retired and still the busiest person I know. She’s always doing for everyone. She deserves a relaxation with pampering break!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    My mother is the hardest most successful person I know and she never takes a break. She inspires me every day to work hard towards my dreams and goals

  15. Tessa James says:

    My mom is so amazing and I know that everyone says they have the greatest mom, but mine is so caring to not only her own kids, but everyone else. She works (in addition to her 6am to 6pm job Monday through Friday) on the weekends. She needs a break! She’s loving, hilarious, and so giving!

  16. Shannon Harger says:

    My mom is one of the most inspiring people in my life. She raised me along with my 7 other siblings all by herself when my dad passed away when I was 2. She was a foster parent for over 25 years and always put the kids first. She’s self-less and caring and she never has any time for herself. She’s in college at age 60 just to make enough money to get by. My mom is a beautiful person inside and out and I think she deserves a day at the spa.

  17. Carolina says:

    My mother is a mother of three…and is one of the most patient women I know…her love to all three of us, my 3 year old niece, and my father is unconditional…she is always concerned with everyone’s well being…she is wonderful with children…my mother is a director at a day care, works 5 days a week, from9-7, she barely has time for herself to relax. She absolutely loves massages and appreciates and recognized all the benefits of massage therapy. Ever time I get the extra money to I treat her to a massage with one of my friends who is a therapist but she has expressed that she would like to experience massage in a more relaxed environment, like at “massage envy ” (she has had a massage once before there) winning a massage for her would be great and she could really use it, she’s always on the go and suffers of really bad insomnia…when she sleeps best is always after a massage…the massage for her would ideal and very much appreciated

  18. Hannah G says:

    My mom works as hard as she can for others everyday, she doesn’t even think about taking time for herself. Between running our family restaurant, taking food to families who can’t afford, or can’t physically make dinner, taking care of my odopted 7 yr old brother, and her mother. Still she keeps giving even though I know she must be tired, shes 57 this year! I’m amazed at her strength! She’s been married to my father for 30 yrs and they have 5 kids :)

  19. lupe saldivar says:

    my mom does so much for our family she deserves some pampering. my dad was recently laid off so my mom now has a lot of stress due to being the only ‘breadwinner’ but she will still get home after a long day & hours of traffic and do housework and help my sister with her babies. my mom manages it all with a cool head and an endless amount of patience, she is a great lady. thank you for the chance to win something for her. :)

  20. Susan says:

    I really believe my mom deserves to wins -shes always been my rock and never does anything for herself – she needs this

  21. Cori Griffith says:

    My mom is a single mom who works her butt off to take care of us and give us everything we need AND want….She deserves to win!!!!

    Max and Mahaillie Griffith

  22. Bernice B. says:

    My mom is selfless, hard-working, and caring! She’s always been there for me, my siblings, and her grandchildren. She’s my hero!

  23. Dawn says:

    My mother does so much for my husband and I without thinking of herself first. We try to do what we can to pay her back but she deserves much more!

  24. Kimmie DePinto says:

    My mom does everything for both my father and I as well as my two older brothers. She does it all and expects nothing in return. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. She always puts others first, never thinking about herself. I don’[t know what I would do without her. She is my best friend, therapist, teacher and mother. She is everything I hope to be one day.

  25. Jessica says:

    My mom deserves this. She never does anything for herself, always puts our family’s wants before her own needs. She is awesome and I can only hope she is proud of the mother I am becoming as a result of her lessons!

  26. Layla says:

    my mom: she’s just amazing. She’s fighting a huge fight ; won’t confide in anyone but God and puts her trust in him. I love my mom for her positivity, willing nes to live each day like its her last and never complains ever. she deserves to get a relaxing treat where she can close her eyes and be pampered and indulge in something good.

  27. Erica says:

    My mom is kind of like wonderwoman – she always manages to get everything done and do everything for everyone else, but rarely does anything for herself.

  28. Karen Joyce says:

    My mom has helped me so much this past year as I have become a mom for the first time! She really deserves to be pampered!

  29. My mom needs a massage as a break to all of her non-stop works here in our house. Being a housewife and doing all of the household chores is a VERY TIRING AND STRESSFUL work, so as a treat to her on Mother’s Day, I hope to give her a massage to relax. Super moms get tired, too.

    Keeping my fingers crossed! God bless you! :))

  30. Ashley Hughes says:

    My mom is always so giving, I’d love for her to have a gift of a massage. And give her some relaxing time to herself.

  31. Nicole says:

    My Mom is the best mom ever! I was not an easy teenager! But she was patient with me and never gave up! Now I have two kids of my own… everything i am today i owe to her!

  32. Carie L says:

    My mother has always been so giving and willing to help out. I have 3 siblings and she raised us mostly on her own. Right now she is suffering from cancer in her lymph nodes and this would just make her day and help her feel a little better!

  33. Tammy Brenneke says:

    Mom deserves a day of pampering for all of the time and support that she gives to anyone, family or friend, that needs her. She is a role model for me and my children of the way we should care for others. She is more than my mother…she is my best friend

  34. Mary Barnes says:

    My Mom is the most caring and constant source of strength for me and my sister. My sister was in a bad automobile accident years ago and still has alot of pain. I was diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disorder. She is our cheerleader, our strength and our courage.

  35. Alex says:

    She does so so much for me, and lately I have been treating her as well as I should have, so I would like to give this to my mom to say I’m sorry

  36. Robin O says:

    My mother is amazingly generous, and she works SO hard all the time. She deserves a massage and NEEDS one! It would make me so happy to be able to give this to her! Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. Kristie Wikane says:

    my Mom is the best. She’s stood by me through thick and thin. She takes care of all of us, whether we’re family by blood or not! She’s pretty amazing :D

  38. Pete says:

    Massage Envy is a wonderful place! I really do hope that I can win for my Mom, as she really does deserve one after all the hours she spends at work bent over while doing her work as a dental hygienist, and then afterwards taking care of my younger brother while I’m away at college. Thanks!

  39. Danielle says:

    I can’t always do much to show my mom how much I appreciate her & this would be a great way

    She’s: loving (unconditionally), caring, & a survivor (she likes to call herself)

  40. April Silva says:

    My mom devotes herself and her time to helping others, mostly senior citizens. As she ages, she tends to stress at a fast rate. She could definitely use a little relaxation!

  41. Tommy says:

    She gave up three years of her life to go back to school and get her Masters in Special Education so that she could become a better mom and teacher.

  42. Jessica says:

    My mom deserves a massage because she just had a brand new granddaughter! My daughter was born 8 days ago :) My mom has helped with throwing a baby shower and helping in my wedding, all of which happened in the last two months! We could both use a massage actually lol :)

  43. Allison says:

    My mom has always been the strongest person I know. In the past 5 months I have watched her go through hell in back battling a devasting family dilemma and the death of a family pet. She deserves a moment of relaxation and the ability to pamper herself.

  44. Katherine says:

    My mom deserves a day of relaxation and be able to have someone take care of HER for once! I love her so much and she just doesn’t stop ever!

  45. vanessa c. says:

    my mom deserves a massage because she truly puts her family first and her self last. she works really hard to make sure everyone is taken care of and have everything they need. this would be a great way to show her how much we love and appreciate her. just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean your not a person and you need time to yourself and to recharge as well.

  46. Julie Anderson says:

    My mom so deserves this. She is always doing for others and never for herself. My step dad has bee
    Overseas for a log time for work and so if this would help take her mind off of missing him
    For 1hour and just think of herself, I would be forever grateful

  47. Roy Daniel says:

    This is not for my Mom specifically, but for the mother of my three children. I have been in the Marine Corps since 1992 and have been married since 2000 and I have a 2, 4, and 6 year old. Since we had our first child and up to the present time, I have been gone often, many times in harms way. Yet, my wife never wavered and continue to be the best mother to our children and has raised them well, essentially on her own. Not to mention the fact that my wife deals with chronic back pain. I am currently away and will miss Mother’s Day this year, but she is so deserving of this.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Roy Daniel
    GySgt USMC

  48. Kendra Randolph says:

    My mom has given up so much of her life and time to raise me into a responsiable adult and now a mother myself. She took self out of the equation to move in with her Paralyzed brother to take care of him day after day, having to lift him along with other thing, but mainly keep the promise she gave to her parents and her brother after my grandparents passed away. Not once will you hear her complaine of the extra dutys she has taken on. She’s a wonderful wife, mother, sister, grandmother and so much more. Hard working no matter what. She should just have a day that is all about her, to relax her mind and body. She is my definition of super women. there is no task that she can’t take on. And that makes me appreciate her even more!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  49. mieko says:

    My mom is so incredible she’s my bestfriend and I know that I can turn to her whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to for good advice. She works two job that take a lot out of her so I feel she really deserves to be able to kick up her feet and relax.

  50. Mary Ellen Keim says:

    My mom works hard, and she takes care of 5 dogs (2 are elderly and can’t hold their bladder, etc). She deserves some time for herself.

  51. Deanna O'Rourke says:

    My mother is Strong, Giving, and loving !!!! She Is not well off but would give the shirt off her back to her kids and walk around topless if she had too! It’s been a tough year for us all in health n finance , I would love to win this to give her !!!! (I’m a LMT myself currently unemployed) she’s never had a massage at a spa !!!

  52. SinnerElla says:

    Our family had a HORRIBLE 2011. My father was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma in late January/early February. For the entire year, we went through chemo treatments, radiation treatments, and in July he had to have surgery to remove the mass that metastasized in his lung. My father missed his first Christmas with the family last year due to an infection caused by complications from the cancer and we took Christmas to him at the hospital. We finally found out on March 30 of this year that he’s showing no signs of active cancer. My parents have been together since high school and married for 32 years.
    My mother worked and took care of me as an almost single parent until I was 8 with the help of my grandparents due to the fact that my father worked on a dredge and was out of town for most of that time. When I was 8, my grandmother, her mother found out that she was in the end stages of cancer. Her mother passed away that year after my mother had taken care of her for 6 weeks prior and my father took a job at home.
    In 2000 my grandfather, her father was in a serious accident and had to be place in a halo and was in ICU for a number of weeks. After his release, he came to live with my parents. It was very hard emotionally, but being her father she felt his place was where she could take care of him. After he moved out, she continued to visit him in his new home and take care of everything he needed. He passed away in 2007 and it broke her heart. She has worked full time and then some since she was 15 years old and when my grandfather passed, she needed to take some time off. Her anxiety and depression had gotten to a point that she wasn’t able to go back to work for quite some time. She’s taken care of my children without hesitation, on the days when I have had to work or had classes and they’ve been sick or off of school. She has helped my husband and I with EVERYTHING we’ve ever needed before and during our marriage. In short, my mother is EFFIN AMAZING! She deserves to be shown how amazing she is and have some time to herself, but I’m not in a position to financially afford to but her the gifts I would like to. I don’t believe that any mother (that has tried her best and been the best mother she could) is better than any other. I do believe that the way people approach and handle the worst times should be recognized. My mother deserves to be recognized and could REALLY use some relaxation and time to herself.
    Thank you for the chance to show her that.

  53. Courtney says:

    My mother truly deserves this because she has never had money to pamper herself and after 4 kids, I believe she needs it! She always puts her kids before herself and to give her one day to just pamper herself would make me really happy!

  54. Nancy Reid says:

    My mom has passed so I would like to nominate myself for a massage for all the hard work I do to keep my home running and the loving care I dole out to my husband and sons especially this past year when they all faced medical problems1

  55. Courtney says:

    My mom works so hard. She deserves it! I have never seen a woman so dedicated to being a mom and the best mom at that!

  56. Lori Bock says:

    My mom deserves this because she has always been there for me through thick and thin! She gave of her time unselfishly and is was making sure our home was perfect. She has parkinsons now and dementia. She deserves to be pampered!

  57. Cheryl Hussey says:

    My mom always said children don’t come with instructions, so she and my dad just did the best they could. They have always been wonderful. Mom definitely made our house a home, and ALWAYS put her family before herself. To this day, if I called and said “I need you here,” she’d be on the next plane. She deserves this massage because if we all need a neck rub, she’ll make sure we get ours first (and sometimes instead of hers). My mom gave me a fantastic life and gave me the world, and I’d love to give her a little pampering.

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