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At 16th St & Camelback near Chipotle

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Massage Envy - Camelback

Massage therapy is a vital component to enjoying a healthier lifestyle. At your nearby Phoenix Massage Envy clinic, our professional Massage Therapists are available weeknights and weekends to help you feel better when it's most convenient for you.

With convenient locations, flexible scheduling and affordable rates, Massage Envy is making wellness a part of everyday life. No wonder more and more people are discovering the benefits of Phoenix therapeutic massage at Massage Envy.

Let our professional Massage Therapists customize a treatment for you today.

In today’s go-go world, it’s important to watch your health. The importance of taking care of yourself can’t be understated. Too much stress without relief can have a negative effect on how we feel, how we look and how we see the world. Finding work-life balance and taking the time for self-care is hard.  This is why Massage Envy in Phoenix on Camelback is a great solution. We are here to help you make the time to take care of yourself.

Health Benefits of Massage

From improving circulation and lowering blood pressure to managing pain and strengthening the immune system, the benefits of stress relief and relaxed muscles are many. Creativity gets a boost when you are in a state of relaxation and feeling comfortable in your body. Even recent scientific studies have shown that massage therapy can help allergies, depression, anxiety, arthritis and insomnia, to name a few. Improve your overall wellbeing with a massage from Massage Envy in Phoenix. The health benefits of massage are actually being researched everywhere with new information being released in the news regularly. Our therapists don’t need this scientific research to know this information though. They see it in practice every day; our clients come to us with physical or stress related needs and leave our clinics feeling better.

Types of Massage Therapy in Phoenix

Just as there are many ways stress can negatively affect the body, there are as many types and styles of massage therapy to relieve them. If you can let your therapist know the issues you are facing, we can make the correct recommendation on ways that can provide the benefits you are looking for. Our highly professional massage therapists in Phoenix can help relieve stiff necks, leg cramps and backaches. Sports injuries are among the most common reasons our clients come to us. If you have been out hiking or biking and pulled a muscle or need some help with recovering from a sports related injury, call to book an appointment. Don’t tough it out, oftentimes massage can help you find health and recovery faster. Sports related injuries are a common reason for summer visits. If you need to come in for relief from an injury let us know so we can provide the best treatment. A licensed massage therapist is a great ally as you work on fitness goals as well.

Convenient and Affordable

Located on Camelback, Massage Envy in Phoenix is nearby, making it easy for you to work in a massage. With late night and weekend hours to choose from, it works with your schedule. It’s as easy at that. And it’s also affordable. We offer longer times as well, if a 90-minute session works better for you, schedule a longer appointment.  It is easier than you think to let go of the stress in your life affordably and without hassle. If you haven’t ever been in, stop by and try us out. We are located on Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ.

Take advantage of our introductory offers for your first session. Imagine feeling your best and being at your best all the time. That’s the benefit of becoming a Massage Envy member. When you are a member, taking care of yourself is easy, convenient and affordable.

Come in for an introductory session and give Massage Envy in Phoenix on Camelback a try. You’ll see that making massage therapy part of your life is also a great way to make the most of your life and improve your health at the same time.



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Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Relieves stress
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Helps manage pain
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion

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