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2048 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40220

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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Sunday
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM Monday-Friday
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday

(502) 992-0701

In the Taylorhurst Shopping Center located on the NW corner of Taylorsville Road and Hurstbourne Parkway, between Chuck E. Cheese and Plato's Closet

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Massages in J-Town, KY

Louisville massage is more convenient than ever! Your neighborhood Massage Envy locations are open late weeknights and weekends to help you regain balance on your schedule.

Stress and tension a persistent problem? Our Louisville Massage Envy memberships can help you live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle at our low membership rate. That's a professional massage every month, customized to help relieve tight muscles, reduce fatigue, increase energy…everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Start enjoying the on-going benefits of therapeutic massage today, at Massage Envy.

Massage Envy J-Town offers a wide range of relaxation services at affordable rates. If you’re considering massage therapy near Hurstbourne, Jeffersontown, or Highview, our J-Town, KY spa is sure to exceed your needs.

Browse J-Town areas served now or find out about our relaxing spa services.


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Because relaxation is the vacation you need!

The benefits of therapeutic massage come from the purpose of the massage. It can rid your body of life's everyday stresses, reduce muscle pain, help alleviate discomfort, and just help restore balance to your body and mind. At Massage Envy J-Town, we offer a great introductory rate for our first time guests. You can choose from several relaxing massage therapies including our Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage. At Massage Envy, the choice is yours. You can select the type of massage that best fits your needs all at one affordable rate. Our massage therapists are also here to help you determine the best massage option for you and your needs.

Call or visit Massage Envy J-Town to schedule your first massage session!


Because you need a break from the summer activities  

Massage Envy Reston knows that summer can take a toll on your body. Biking, running, swimming - all these activities can leave your body feeling sore and achy. It's important to keep your body well-maintained and relaxed. At Massage Envy, we offer a variety of massage therapies that can help relieve your body's stress and can help get you back into shape. For example, our Deep Tissue Massage releases muscles tension, provides pain relief, loosens scar tissue, lengthens muscles and is great for chronic and overuse injuries. Try one of our massage therapies today and let us help you re-align, relax and rejuvenate.

Call or visit Massage Envy J-Town to schedule your next massage appointment!


Because yesterday was leg day

Now that the weather is warm and everyone's out doing their summer activities, it's important to maintain your mental and physical stamina. Massage Envy knows that it is vital for people to add regular massage therapy to their active routines. Our Sports Massage is perfect for athletes of all kinds, from professional marathon runners to weekend joggers to parents just kicking around a ball in the yard with their kids. There are many benefits to our Sports Massage, including improved performance, reduced pain, injury prevention and so much more. Make regular physical activities a part of your weekly schedule, and let Massage Envy help you take care of you.

Call or visit Massage Envy J-Town to schedule your appointment today!


Because we are proud to support the military

Massage Envy honors those Americans in uniform who serve our country. At Massage Envy, we provide the relaxation and stress-free environment that our military needs and deserves. With our Military Discount Program, all active military personnel can join Massage Envy with a savings of $60* a year. Perfect for rejuvenating and maintaining a life of health and wellness.

Call or visit Massage Envy J-Town for more details about the Military Discount Program and the services we provide.

*Program available at participating locations. Hours, rates, and services may vary by location.


10th Enhanced Therapy FREE!

Enhance 9 of your massage sessions with an AromaTherapy, Sugar Scrub Therapy, or a Deep Muscle Therapy and your 10th one is free! Ask the front desk for a convenient punch card to keep track of your Enhancements. *Only valid at Massage Envy Jtown

Oncology Training

To better meet the demand of clients who have or have had cancer, 8 of our therapists have taken classes and become certified in Oncology Massage.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Check out our lattest blogger review by clicking the "Kindly Kentucky Blog" link on the right. Then, visit us for gift cards for any occasion.

Congratulations Class of 2016!

Massage Envy wants to remind you that giving the gift of health and wellness is perfect for any occasion, such as graduations. We offer various services that can help your graduate relax and rejuvenate after a stressful year of classes. So, give the perfect gift by picking up your Massage Envy gift card today!

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