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The New Day Spa

At Massage Envy Spa, we're helping you enjoy professional massages, facials and relaxing therapies without the steep prices.

Massage Pricing
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The New Day Spa Massage

The mission of Massage Envy Spa is to make customized massages, facials and relaxing therapies available to everyone. Why is that important? Because massage therapy goes beyond relaxation and stress relief. It's been proven to relieve headaches, treat physical conditions, improve flexibility, and even lower blood pressure. With so many healthy benefits, it's important that massage is seen as more than a luxury. We would probably all agree that relaxation is a large part of massage, but massage is too good to save for rare occasions. That's where the new day spa comes in. At Massage Envy Spa, we offer a wide variety of customized massages - like Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage and Geriatric Massage - at a fraction of the cost of traditional day spas. So you can get away and get healthy more often.

If this is your first visit to the site, or if you've never been to Massage Envy Spa, take a few minutes to watch the video on this page. It'll let you know what to expect at your first massage session, as well as give you a look at our clinics and therapy rooms.

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The New Day Spa Facial

All great facials start with two things: results-oriented products and licensed estheticians. At Massage Envy Spa, we begin with both, then make our Healthy Skin Facials affordable enough that you can enjoy them every month. All Massage Envy Spa estheticians are fully licensed - having finished a minimum of 600 hours of hands-on training and education. Although most of our licensed estheticians have far more experience, that's the standard we set so you receive a consistent and professional treatment every time. Massage Envy Spa is also exclusive partners with Murad® Skincare. This means the facial you receive features Murad® Skincare products that have been exclusively formulated for Massage Envy Spa. Professionalism and products you can't get anywhere else, while still being budget-friendly: That's how we're bringing customized facials to everyone. It's also what makes Massage Envy Spa a great alternative to traditional day spas.

If you've never had a Healthy Skin facial featuring Murad®, please watch the video on this page. It will let you know exactly what you can expect, as well as give you a sneak peak at our clinic and facial process.

Murad® Healthy Skin facials

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Membership Benefits

Having a Massage Envy Spa membership means having easy access to massages, spa facials, Murad® products and more at hundreds of locations nationwide.

  • A customized massage every month, or a Murad® Healthy Skin facial for $10 more
  • Unused massages rollover
  • Family add-on specials
  • Additional massages and facials at low membership rate
  • Earn free massages and upgrades
  • Retail discounts and more


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Benefits of Facials

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Reverses visible signs of aging
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Alleviates redness and sensitivity
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces blemishes and breakouts

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Professional Facial Treatment

Professional Estheticians

Professionally educated estheticians who meet all state and local licensing requirements

Highly trained in Murad skincare products