You understand the impact that looking good on the outside can have on how a person feels on the inside. As an esthetician, you help your clients see the best in themselves through constantly evolving approaches to customized skincare. At Massage Envy franchised locations,* you’ll find a culture of care that nurtures you as a person, an artist, and a professional.

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Winning Esthetician of the Year meant a lot to me because I work really hard. It just felt really good to be recognized for something that you love to do.

Dominque G., Massage Envy 2015 Esthetician of the Year


  • An Environment That Respects You

    and your unique expertise as an integral part of our vision of total body care.

  • A Service Model That Empowers You

    to create a customized experience perfectly tailored to client needs with an increasing range of new and innovative services.

  • Product Lines That Excite You

    with professional grade skin and body care formulas, specialized protocols, and in-depth product training.

  • Compensation & Benefits That Sustain You

    with consistent clientele, flexible schedules, and a clean, well-supplied professional environment so you can focus on doing—and getting paid to do—what you love.

"Our franchisees are the best people that you could ever meet and it's a wonderful, family-oriented company. It is a place where I can help to bring wellness, mentally and physically, to my clients."

–Danna P., Massage Envy Esthetician

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"Sometimes therapists and estheticians think Massage Envy is just a stepping-stone to another career, but it isn't. It's a place where you can grow, with the opportunity to work with as many clients as you want."

–Dianne C., Massage Envy Esthetician

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"You have the products. You have the protocols…You have the consistency…You have longevity. You have a job where your job is open seven days a week. Great hours."

–Sarah D., Massage Envy

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