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As a massage therapist, you put your heart and soul into helping others feel their best through the healing power of touch. You deserve a career that helps you feel and deliver your best. At Massage Envy franchised locations,* you’ll find a culture of care that nurtures you as a person, an artist, and a professional.

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The reason why I like working for my Massage Envy franchise is that my coworkers all understand a certain space that we all create. There is mutual respect for everybody. We’re here to create a better lifestyle and leave people in a better state.

Stephen D., Massage Envy Therapist


  • Compensation and Benefits that Sustain You

    with consistent clientele, flexible schedules, and a clean, well-supplied professional environment so you can focus on doing—and getting paid to do—what you love.

  • A Culture of Care that Nurtures You

    from the training room to the treatment room with a commitment to providing a safe, therapeutic, healing environment that maintains your safety and well-being as a therapist.

  • An Environment that Celebrates You

    with recognition and reward programs to celebrate your outstanding contributions.

  • A Career that Empowers You

    through cutting-edge training programs and opportunities to advance and grow in the treatment room and beyond.

"I've had a private practice and it pales in comparison to what Massage Envy has to offer. We are a family, and I believe my manager and franchisee are 100% behind us."

–April B., Massage Envy Therapist

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"Because of affordable pricing, my clients have the opportunity to receive massages more often. I not only earn more, I work much more consistently which has deepened my skills as a massage therapist."

–Larry M., Massage Envy Therapist

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"I worked at a day spa and I did not feel like I was utilizing all of my skills. I decided to work for Massage Envy because I can do more customized work every day."

–Laura M., Massage Envy Therapist

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