stretch service provider

As a bodywork professional, you understand that the pursuit of well-being requires a mix of total body care strategies. Whether you're a practicing massage therapist, a fitness professional, or someone pursuing a new career in body care,† Total Body Stretch offers you a new way to grow professionally while helping members and guests discover new ways to care for themselves.

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The new stretch program is something I'm looking forward to. It can help with tension and mobility issues, plus it's less taxing on me as the body worker.

Brad Dixon, Massage Therapist of the Year


  • Benefits that sustain you

    with consistent clientele, flexible schedules, and a clean well-supplied professional environment so you can focus on doing—and getting paid to do—what you love.

  • An environment that respects you

    and your unique expertise as an integral part of the vision of total body care.

  • A service model that empowers you

    to get to know your clients and customize each session to support their wellness goals.

  • Service innovations that excite you

    with new ways to help clients feel their best.

Why should I become a stretch service provider?

Whether you’re a seasoned wellness professional or you're on your way to a career in body work,† Total Body Stretch provides you with the opportunity to help members and guests in new ways while growing your professional skillset. †Stretch services can be provided by certified personal trainers and other fitness professionals in some, but not all, states.  Some states allow stretch services to be provided only by licensed or certified massage therapists.  Check with your local franchised location for the restrictions in your city or state.

Massage Therapists

As a massage therapist, you can build variety into your areas of practice while assisting members and guests in a way that can be less strenuous on your body.

Personal Trainers

As a certified personal trainer† or fitness professional, you can discover a whole new way to help people pursue their fitness goals while earning extra income.