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Wedding & Bridal Shower Gift

Weddings are delightful. Weddings are wonderful. Weddings can also be stressful. No one knows that better than the bride and groom, but their nearest and dearest may also be involved in almost every aspect of the wedding -- including the stress.

That's why a wedding massage makes a great thank you gift during the hectic period leading up to the Big Day, after the couple has embarked on their honeymoon, or when the bridal party members are returning to everyday life.

Numerous Choices

The mother of the bride and the best man might want completely different types of massage, and Massage Envy gift cards make it easy for everyone to choose their favorite. Available in any denomination, they can be used at more than 900 locations nationwide.

So whether the maid of honor has to catch a flight right after the wedding or the groom's cousins are staying in town, they can all find a convenient Massage Envy close to them.

Pre-Wedding Massage

It might be even more enjoyable for everyone in the bridal party to meet for a pre-wedding massage. For those who want to look their best during the event, facials are available at all Massage Envy locations. But when trying to relax or de-stress, there's nothing quite like a Swedish massage.

In fact, a study published in The New York Times indicated that people receiving a 45-minute Swedish massage experienced a major decrease in cortisol, the stress hormone that keeps muscles tight and moods tense. When all the planning and arranging are finished and the only remaining job is to enjoy the ceremony and reception, a soothing massage can make it much easier to switch gears from organization mode to stress-free celebration mode.

Post-Wedding Massage

Anyone who's been through the stress of a wedding knows that, no matter how thrilling it is to see the happy couple beginning their new life together, all the work of making arrangements can take its toll. Even with the most careful planning, or the carefree fun of an almost spontaneous event, weddings can create stress.

One way to overcome stress at any stage of life, including new in-laws or a new living situation, is through massage. For newlyweds wanting to relieve tension or stress, or just feeling the need to relax, even a single massage can provide relief. But for chronic pain or ongoing anxiety, regular massage therapy makes it much easier for your body to relieve stress and enter a state of relaxation.

More Than Relaxation

While massage is well known as a way of boosting relaxation, it also boosts health in other ways. One such way is increasing blood circulation, which keeps muscles refreshed with oxygen-rich nutrients and speeds up the removal of toxins while lowering blood pressure. Another healthy benefit is improved posture. As muscles relax, it becomes easier to maintain the natural position your body was designed for.

Flexibility and range of motion, along with deeper breathing, are all improved by regular massage therapy, too. So while a bridal party massage makes a lovely thank you gift, it's also a gift that can lead to a happier and healthier life.

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