Benefits of Massage

Massage and Cancer

Massage therapy can prove extremely helpful in dealing with the effects of cancer treatment such as nausea and fatigue. Massage also can help fight the anxiety and stress that come with any cancer diagnosis.

When facing cancer, you might feel as if you've lost control of your health. Making time for massage therapy is one way of regaining control, taking a specific step toward relief of pain and fatigue.

Choosing the Right Massage

At Massage Envy, your professional massage therapist will consult with you before your session begins, asking about your condition and what you're looking for. This is the time to explain any cancer treatment you're undergoing, as well as symptoms that need relief.

For instance, you might be finding it hard to relax enough for a good night's sleep. You might be feeling nausea after a course of treatment. You might be dealing with pain in a specific area, or an overall sense of anxiety. Whatever you're facing, our professional massage therapists will do everything they can to help you find relief.

Pressure and Tension

You can request light pressure or deep massage, whichever sounds more appealing. Many people try both and see which works better for them. However, if you're dealing with cancer in your bones or diseases like osteoporosis, make sure to alert your therapist that light pressure is what you want.

When you're feeling tense, a massage can be particularly effective in reducing stress. This helps free your mental and emotional energy for coping with day-to-day issues, so make sure to visit Massage Envy to get the relief you need.