Benefits of Massage

Massage During Menstruation

Women experiencing monthly pain, dysmenorrhea, and endometriosis found the severity of pain reduced considerably after participating in a study that provided them with almost two dozen 20-minute massage sessions.

The authors concluded that not only did pain levels drop after a massage, but that the effects of massage increased over the next six weeks. In fact, with massage given for any reason, the benefits are cumulative as your body learns to recreate the sensation of relaxation.

PMS and Massage

Another recent study by the University of Miami Medical School of women with severe Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) divided them into a massage therapy group and a progressive muscle relaxation therapy group.

The women receiving massage showed a decrease in anxiety, depression and perceived pain, as well as other PMS symptoms. "Overall," the study concluded, "massage therapy may be an effective long-term aid for pain reduction and water retention, and short-term for decreasing anxiety and improving mood for women with...PMS."

Minimizing Symptoms

Some women may feel shy about visiting a professional massage therapist during that time of the month. But our Massage Envy professionals are experienced in dealing with a variety of issues, and you can always specify whether you want a male or female therapist.

While massage can increase menstrual flow because of improved blood circulation, it can also have a positive effect on other aspects of menstruation. "It can reduce back pain and cramps," Kathleen Clayton of the American Massage Therapy Association told WebMD, "and diminish the feeling of bloating." So, what's the best time to schedule a massage? Anytime that suits your schedule.