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Massage Envy was founded 15 years ago by two people—one a massage therapist—who wanted to provide an affordable, accessible, and professional environment where massage therapists could practice their craft and where everyone, not just the elite, could experience the benefits of therapeutic massage. Safety has been at the core of our mission from day one. And this is upheld by the approximately 20,000 massage therapists employed in Massage Envy franchised locations today.

The recent, heartbreaking stories of sexual assault suffered in Massage Envy franchised locations caused us to take a hard look at our business and to create a new “Commitment to Safety” plan which defines a clear path forward and will create swift and meaningful change in the things we do to protect both clients and massage therapists across the Massage Envy network.

As part of our six-point plan, franchisees are required to give not just clients, but also therapists who report an allegation of sexual assault, contact information for local law enforcement and offer a private room to complete the call. We will make independent, third-party resources available to assist franchisees in their investigations of sexual assault claims, including those made by therapists.

Our partnership with RAINN, a leading advocate for assault victims, will help us strengthen the policies that protect therapists, empower them to voice their concerns, and better equip managers and franchisees to handle the complexities of sexual misconduct, no matter who comes forward for assistance. In addition, we will include therapists and representatives of industry associations on the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council.

The six-point plan builds on what we already do to support and protect therapists. Therapists at Massage Envy franchised locations are trained by their local management to handle inappropriate conduct by a client, and that includes immediately stopping the service and reporting any inappropriate conduct by a client. If a client is inappropriate with a therapist, the franchisee is required to restrict the client from visiting any Massage Envy franchised location nationwide, and if they are members, to cancel their membership agreement.

You can read the full "Commitment to Safety" Plan here.

Just as we and our franchisees are committed to client safety, we too are laser-focused on providing a safe environment for those 20,000 therapists in the Massage Envy franchise network who make the business what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.



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Joseph C. Magnacca 
CEO Massage Envy Franchising, LLC