International Opportunities

We are looking to partner with world-class organizations, is this you? We believe to maximize success, we should only partner with experienced companies in each country we enter.

Qualities of a Master Franchisee

  1. Currently operate either Retail, Food & Beverage or other similar customer service concepts in the country.

  2. A strong understanding of the marketplace, a proven track record and the proper infrastructure to support the Massage Envy brand standards

  3. Fully understand all important/export and manpower issues, specifically in the therapists labor category within the country.

  4. Minimum of US$1,000,000-US$2,000,000 in capital to properly develop the market

  5. Experience in franchising is a plus, although not a prerequisite for the partnership.

  6. Ability to operate at least one company-owned training store in the market.