Congrats on a historical season

Congratulations to Massage Envy Ambassadors Justin Thomas & Henrik Stenson who continue to show all of us how increased flexibility and mobility can boost championship-level performance. Massage Envy is the Official Stretch Partner of the PGA TOUR®



Massage Envy is the Official Total Body Care Sponsor of the PGA TOUR® Player Performance Center, mobile training and wellness trailers that are available to players each week. Players take advantage of assisted stretching and other wellness treatments to help them stay at the peak of their game.


The PGA TOUR® Player Performance Center serves as the go-to resource for players to keep their flexibility and mobility on point. This is essential to keep body compensations from creeping into their swing mechanics and to promote recovery after a long week of training and competition.


Consistently placing high on the leaderboard requires players to stay in top form. The PGA TOUR® Player Performance Center plays a key role in the players’ flexibility and mobility programs. When the trophy gets lifted on Sunday, there’s a good chance that player was in the Player Performance Center before his final round.

Meet Massage Envy’s Player Ambassadors

Our roster of players share Massage Envy’s commitment to comprehensive wellness. Though they may be at different stages of their careers, they understand how assisted stretching for maximum flexibility and mobility can lead to top performances when in counts.

Meet the players
Brandt Snedeker PGA Stretch Brandt Snedeker PGA Stretch
Henrik Stenson PGA Player Stretch Justin Thomas PGA Player Performance stretch

The Streto Method

Introducing Massage Envy’s new, proprietary, professionally-assisted stretch service, the Streto Method. It combines our expertise of having delivered over 100 million massages with the research of an acclaimed chiropractor and an ergonomist. Collectively, this represents over 85 years of studying the functional movements of professional athletes and performers as well as delivering the services that help make the best of every body.

Learn About the Streto Method


Massage Envy’s exclusive Total Body Stretch can help unlock your inner pro by helping you increase your flexibility, mobility and your performance. Book a 30 or 60-minute stretch today.

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