Massage Envy

Commitment to Safety

We strive tirelessly to maintain an accessible, inviting, safe and professional environment for the safety and well-being of every member and guest. Our commitment has never been stronger. You put your trust in the brand and we will never stop working to earn it.

Massage Envy Commitment to Safety Plan

1. Prevention: We are mandating updated background screening for all massage therapists on an annual basis. We’re also launching a fully-automated, third-party system with UBS (Universal Background Screening), consistently rated the country’s top background screening company, that tracks compliance of service providers’ employment requirements in real time. And, the network has just recently completed a review of all massage therapist files to ensure they have completed background and reference checks, have current licensure or certification and that annual training requirements have been met.

2. Reporting: We are requiring that if a client makes an allegation of sexual assault, the franchisee will provide the client with contact information for local law enforcement and offer a private room to complete the call.

3. Investigations: We are creating a qualified list of independent third-party resources that we will make available to assist franchisees in their investigations of sexual assault claims.

4. Review: We are partnering with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN works to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. Experts from RAINN will begin an end-to-end review of our policies and procedures — including reporting and investigation. They’ll recommend changes and together we will put change into action.

5. Support: We are working with RAINN on response services, including victim support, and -through the National Sexual Assault Hotline - free access to immediate confidential assistance, trained staff and other resources.

6. Guidance: We are forming the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council. This group, which will initially include a representative from RAINN, as well as Danielle Dick, who was instrumental in advocating for this change, will help us develop, maintain and implement strong safety and support standards. We’ve also created a dedicated corporate department that will lead the development and implementation of safety policies, supported by RAINN and the Advisory Council.






Thoughts from some of Massage Envy’s Therapists of the Year

April B.

"I've had a private practice and it pales in comparison to what Massage Envy has to offer. We are a family, and I believe my manager and franchisee are 100% behind us."

Natalie M.

“It’s important for us to connect with our clients and that’s only possible if you feel good yourself. Massage Envy helps us take care of our bodies as therapists so we can do our best work, now and for years to come.”


"Really, what I love to do is help people do what they love, longer. I want the person to have the best experience they've ever had."

Laura M.

"I worked at a day spa and I did not feel like I was utilizing all of my skills. I decided to work for Massage Envy because I can do more customized work every day."

Jonathon N.

“I have been a therapist for about 10 years and have worked for several other companies. This is the only company that requires mandatory ethics training.”

Kellie S.

“You've got people that come in that are hurting in ways that they don't even know about. And when you can make a difference in their day and they come out smiling and happy, you know you've done a great job, and that's so wonderful.”

The Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council

Read the latest updates about putting our commitment to safety into action.

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