Benefits of Massage

Asthma Massage

Taking a good, deep breath can be difficult for anyone facing a stressful situation, but it's even harder for people with asthma. That's one reason massage can make life easier for asthmatics.

Anne Williams, education program director of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, explains that massage therapy helps relax the accessory respiratory muscles used in breathing. And that's only the beginning.

Benefits of Relaxation

Stress makes any condition worse, and asthma is no exception.  A Journal of Pediatricsstudy indicated that children with asthma experienced less anxiety and better air flow after receiving a pre-bedtime massage every night for a month.

Massage works equally well for adults, who tend to suffer from even more stress than children. Genuine relaxation is so rare that it can be hard to imagine, but once your body has experienced that in a massage therapy session, your mind is better able to recreate the sensation before stress kicks in again.

Strengthening the chest muscles, which can lead to improved circulation and pulmonary function, can be accomplished with various massage techniques. Ask your Massage Envy professional therapist for recommendations.


Lavender is commonly associated with relaxation, and some studies suggest that it can help reduce the symptoms of asthma. Massage Envy's Lavender Garden AromaTherapy blend* contains a blend of English true lavender, which promotes tranquility, as well as the lavandin essential oil - which is known for supporting the respiratory system and aiding in restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

*Indicates additional charges to massage therapy session.