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In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study indicating that cerebral palsy affects about one in every 300 children. While the brain injury causing this disorder doesn't grow progressively worse as the children enter their teen and adult years, CP symptoms can change with age.

Whether your symptoms change for the better or worse, the effects of cerebral palsy can be tough to live with. But massage can help.


A study by Maria Hernandez-Reif of preschool children with CP, who received either massage or book-reading attention twice a week for three months, revealed that those in the massage group were showing improved range of motion and reduced spasticity by the end of the study.

In addition, the massaged children showed improvement in their fine and gross motor skills as well as in cognition, dressing and even social interaction skills.


While adults have already developed the skills they need, massage can provide extra help in dealing with stress, depression and anxiety -- all of which can come from living with cerebral palsy.

At Massage Envy, our licensed and certified therapists are experienced in providing the kind of professional massage therapy that boosts your natural levels of serotonin and oxytocin along with mood-lifting endorphins. The fact that massage can help reduce muscular stiffness and soreness, while also enhancing relaxation for improved sleep, is another reason to schedule today.