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People with MS have a lot to deal with, and massage can provide relief for some of that stress. Because depression can make symptoms even worse, relaxation is especially beneficial.

Massage has long been known for relieving stress, and reducing tension provides other health benefits as well. According to Tiffany Field, PhD, of the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute, "Massage is very effective at increasing deep sleep. With more deep sleep, you have less pain."


Livestrong reports that people with MS may experience pain if the disease impacts their sensory nerves. Massage has proven effective at treating chronic pain, because it increases your body's production of serotonin which is a natural painkiller. In addition,massage promotes circulation and boosts relaxation.

Regular massage therapy helps provide ongoing stress relief, and the professional therapists at Massage Envy make a point of communicating with  you before, during and after your session to make sure you're receiving what you need.


WebMD notes that "It is usually safe for people with MS to receive a massage, but if you have bone-thinning to your doctor first. Many people with multiple sclerosis receive regular massage therapy to help relax and reduce stress."

Along with stress reduction, massage can help increase flexibility which improves your mobility, and can help reduce muscle stiffness caused by spasticity. But perhaps the greatest benefit is reduction of pain. In a 2009 study covered in the Multiple Sclerosis journal, researchers reported that after ten weeks of treatment, participants enjoyed up to 50% lower pain levels for the next three months.