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Meet Bridget

If you lead an active life and turn to massage for help with injury prevention, Bridget is your kind of massage therapist. While some therapists may invest more in the ambiance, the quiet, and stillness of a therapy session, Bridget encourages her members and guests to be active listeners.

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...What I love to do is help people do what they love, longer. You don't want body parts...burning out.

She invites clients to stay alert and talkative during their first few massages for a “personal assessment” to learn about her process: "I highly recommend it for anybody who’s brand new to massage. Consider personal assessment – staying conscious during your first several sessions and listening to the body – as a practice."


For Bridget, a treatment is a shared experience. Both people are awake and listening. Both make discoveries. Both can experience the results. Massage, for Bridget, is a chance to work on areas that are tense and may become injury prone. It's an opportunity to stretch and roll out muscles to soften their resistance.


She stresses the importance of listening to your body, and knowing when it’s time to stop. "Really, what I love to do is help people do what they love, longer. You don't want body parts, especially those little ones, burning out."


Bridget learned to practice massage after being a customer herself. She's now been with Massage Envy for  years, and is equally comfortable with professional athletes as she is with first-timers. And in all cases, she wants to give clients her best: "I want the person to have the best experience they've ever had. I occasionally get that — 'This is the best massage I've ever received.'"


In her experience, the best massages are with people who are the most trusting — where the connection comes through the work. "There have been some really deep, heartfelt thank yous, where you know people are going through stress and deeper levels of pain in their life. Muscles will start to hold grief, and they can use a little nudge as much as any other part of our being."


Bridget's sessions are, by all accounts, a treat. She loves what she does, and brings it to her practice. As for her favorite part of a massage session? Bridget says, "I think there's a quiet moment right at the end. I've been grounded the whole time, and I try to pass that on to my clients before they get up and reenter the world by holding their ankles for just a moment, in silence."

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