The Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council

Putting Our Commitment to Safety Into Action


MARCH 7, 2018

As part of the changes we’re making under the Massage Envy Commitment to Safety, Massage Envy is adopting the Universal Background Screening (UBS) system in all franchise locations.  The UBS system is a fully-automated, third party screening tool that performs pre-hire and ongoing, annual background checks.  It also tracks and verifies a service providers compliance with Massage Envy policies — employment references, annual licensure/certification and training requirements — in real time. Franchise owners will use the system to screen potential hires and to regularly check the files of current employees. We are in the process of educating and training the franchise network on the system and it will be live in all franchise locations on May 1


JANUARY 31, 2018

In late 2017, Massage Envy announced our Commitment to Safety – a plan to further strengthen our safety policies and programs and to guide how Massage Envy franchise locations handle reports of sexual assault and how to support those who come forward.

The plan was born out of our deep dedication to ensure our franchise locations maintain a safe, secure and professional environment. Built with input and guidance from clients, therapists and outside experts, our commitment to safety offers a clear path forward, giving us the opportunity to create meaningful change across the wellness industry, specifically in massage therapy. Maintaining this action plan is critically important work and we can’t do it alone.

Recently, we announced the formation of the Massage Envy Safety Advisory Council. This board of advisors is made up of leading authorities on sexual assault prevention, investigation and victim support, representatives from the massage therapy profession, Massage Envy franchise owners, and members of the Massage Envy leadership team. Council members will help guide and support our work to implement the Commitment to Safety plan and will act as advisors for our Safety & Support Team.

Each member of the council is a leading authority in their area of expertise, and each of them is caring, compassionate and dedicated to safety. As we go forward, we will count on their experience, ideas and insights, and we will constantly work to keep our franchisees, clients and therapists safe.