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Massage Envy is a nationwide wellness franchise providing massage and skin care services. We believe that regular massages and facials are an integral part of total body wellness.

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About Massage Envy

From day one in 2002, the Massage Envy brand was built on the foundation of helping people feel their best. But Massage Envy is not defined by its position as a category leader, rather by the lives changed by the work of therapists and estheticians across the country. Massage Envy has made therapeutic massage services and skin care solutions accessible to a network of more than 1.65 million members in franchised locations across the United States. And it’s all because of a belief that massage and skin care aren’t a luxury; they’re body maintenance, pure and simple — part of your total body care routine. Regular massage and facial care go a long way toward helping members and guests of Massage Envy franchised locations take care of themselves and do more — do more of what matters to them, what makes them happy, what makes them feel healthy and supports a more well-balanced lifestyle.

By the numbers

  • 2002 – The first Massage Envy opened and launched accessible massage and skin care
  • 25,000 – Massage therapists and estheticians employed in nationwide franchised locations, making Massage Envy, collectively, the single largest employer in the country
  • 1.65 million – Members across the United States
  • 49 – States that Massage Envy franchised locations call home
  • More than 100 million –services performed
  • 1,170 – number of nationwide franchised locations
  • 2016 – Opening of first International franchised location in Australia 
It’s the Massage Envy belief that we only get to these numbers by building from a culture of care rooted in a set of simple, but powerful guiding principles.


We help people feel their best. 


Total body care at Massage Envy is an integral part of everyone’s well-being journey. 


The set of guiding principles for every individual across the Massage Envy organization. These aren’t just words on a piece of paper. These are the building blocks of our culture, because we're grateful for the opportunity to help others. We approach our work with positivity and empathy for every member and guest that walks through the door and, just as importantly, for one another. And we strive to earn and to keep the trust of those we serve by delivering exceptional and memorable service.

  • Optimism – We approach our work with a spirit of positivity
  • Gratitude – We show gratitude for the opportunity to help others and for the trust it requires
  • Excellence – We recognize those who live our values and improve non-stop.
  • Consistency – We earn trust by delivering exceptional service at every moment
  • Empathy – We seek to understand the needs of others and accept and celebrate individuality
At Massage Envy, we're here for you every day of the week, morning and night, across the entire country. We start and end each day with the belief in mind to help people feel their best, and we consider our passion — to help you take care of you — a job no one else can do.

Who We Are

Meet the Massage Envy Leadership team.

Joe Magnacca, CEO

From developing game-changing products, services, and retail formats, to building and leading teams to great success across multiple businesses, Joe Magnacca has followed an accomplished and diverse path to Massage Envy. Joe leads by example, working hard for the franchise community and leading change through redefining and innovating the business for continued growth and success. He’s especially proud of his Massage Envy team’s ability to move at “Joe speed” and embrace a culture of performance. If you see him at his whiteboard with a cup of joe in hand while he thoughtfully considers the latest challenge, you know he’s ready to go for the day.

Beth Stiller, Chief Commercial Officer

While she misses family and friends a lot (and snow a little), Beth Stiller recognizes the importance of being part of a brand she believes in. She’s a retailer through and through, having spent the last 20 years in retailers both big and small. From Canada to the Big Apple to sunny Arizona, Beth has been part of two significant acquisitions and integrations while continuously upholding her personal values of curiosity, empathy, authenticity, and generosity. With so much opportunity and so little time, Beth relies on coffee, coffee, and more coffee – along with a little perseverance and passion - to power through her days at Massage Envy where she sees endless enthusiasm to help people feel better every day and works with a team that truly cares about making change while still having fun along the way.

Debbie Gonzalez, Chief Brand Officer

From Pop Tarts to PetSmart and now Massage Envy, Debbie Gonzalez has spent her career developing consumer brands with vision and an insatiable energy for insight-driven change, innovation and progress. And it shows. Debbie begins each day with a simple focus—do the right thing for the consumer, the team and for the business —and a strong cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either. Her commitment to the Massage Envy brand and its purpose, helping people feel their best, is inspired by countless stories of members and guests and how their lives have been transformed through total body care.

George Hines, Chief Information Officer

Not a man of few words, George Hines is a man of the people. With more than 20 years in Information Technology, George has affected technological change across the country and around the world, completing projects in Lima, Sao Paulo, and Madrid, to name a few. Having the passion to go the extra mile, leading by example, and always innovating are values he lives by. And if the owl that lives on his roof isn’t keeping him awake at night, his drive to continually make the lives of our franchisees and their customers and employees better does. He works for all the people of Massage Envy, finding meaning in doing work that has a positive impact on others in a direct and human way.

Melanie Hansen, General Counsel

Melanie Hansen joined Massage Envy after achieving great success in both Operations and Law with companies like Cold Stone Creamery and Target. She thrives off high-growth environments and values teamwork, empathy and honesty above all. Her devotion to the brand is palpable and anything that puts it at risk keeps her up at night. But her mornings start off right with Maxwell times two- a cup (or two!) of coffee and her son, Maxwell’s, smile. Licensed in three states, Melanie brought her vast professional law background to Massage Envy with the goal of continuing to execute on big, challenging projects that put this brand ahead of the competition.

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