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Massage Envy’s exclusive Streto Method is designed to relax your mind along with your body. Your total body stretch provider is trained to perform specific movements that deliver more than you can achieve stretching yourself. Regular assisted stretching increases flexibility, which improves mobility, leading to better performance.


Introducing Massage Envy's new, proprietary, professionally-assisted stretch service, the Streto Method.

Top-down stretching: a proven philosophy
The ancients believed in the idea of, "Where your mind goes, the body will follow." And for good reason, muscle function is controlled through your nervous system. That’s why the Streto Method starts at your neck and works downward to relax your nerves and muscles for the best results throughout your body.

Why do you need the Streto Method?
Every day you subject your body to stresses and awkward postures, mainly from technology usage and prolonged sitting, resulting in minor aches and pains. In fact, many experts believe sitting is the new smoking. So, incorporating the Streto Method into your wellness routine can help counter that.

It’s fully customizable to your activities and individual needs. The Streto Method combines the latest stretch research with relaxation techniques inspired by yoga and meditation. Each stretch builds on the others to provide a Total Body Stretch.

Experience it as a stand-alone treatment or as a complement to your favorite massage. A 30 or 60-minute session can leave you feeling more relaxed and energetic immediately. The Streto Method is a great way to discover Massage Envy’s growing assortment of services and yet another valuable part of a Massage Envy membership.


Combining stretch and top-down symbolizes the total body wellness origins of the method and philosophy.

Neck Stretch
Arm Stretch
Total Body Stretch


Start improving your flexibility, mobility and performance today. Book a 30 or 60-minute Total Body Stretch featuring the Streto Method.