Our Purpose and Vision

We're united in one purpose: we help people feel their best. We believe that massage and facials aren't a luxury; they are body maintenance, pure and simple. Massage Envy franchise owners* and the 35,000+ associates they employ are united in this commitment to helping members and guests pursue total body care.

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Massage Envy is an amazing brand. It is constantly moving forward in the health and wellness field. Massage Envy is not only helping us as therapists, but it is helping the massage industry as well.

Charles J., Massage Envy Therapist

Core Values


We're grateful for the opportunity to help others feel their best and for the trust it requires.

Optimism and Empathy

We approach our work with optimism and empathy for members and guests and for one another.

Consistency and Excellence

We strive to earn and to keep the trust of those we serve by delivering exceptional service at every moment.

"I tend to lean more towards the therapeutic side of massage and focus mostly on sports injury and injury prevention. I decided to work for Massage Envy because I can do more customized work every day."

–Laura M., Massage Envy Therapist

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"My coworkers are amazing. Our franchisees are the best people that you could ever meet and it's a wonderful family-oriented company. I love it. I always have fun and it is a place where I can help to bring wellness, mentally and physically, to my clients."

–Danna P., Massage Envy Esthetician

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"It's rewarding to me when my clients come back because I feel accomplished. I feel like I've helped them."

–Dominique G., Massage Envy Esthetician

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